The Group Executive Board 

Members of the Group Executive Board

For details of the members of the Group Executive Board, please see the respective overview.

Other activities and functions

Details of other activities and any further functions of Group Executive Board members are provided on the company website.

No member of the Group Executive Board holds any official function or political office.

Regulation and additional positions 

The members of the Executive Board shall not occupy or exercise more than four additional positions in other companies, thereof not more than two publicly listed companies and five unpaid positions in non-profit organisations.

An additional position shall be deemed to be a position in the highest managing or supervising body of other entities that are obliged to be entered into the commercial register or a comparable foreign register and that are neither controlled by nor that control the company. A number of positions in several different companies that form part of the same group of companies is regarded as one position.

Additional positions that are held by a member of the Board of Directors or a member of the Executive Board within the scope of its functions and based on the instructions of the company or another Group company of the Kuoni Group and of which the compensation is passed on to the company or such Group company are not subject to the limitation.

Members of the Group Executive Board shall only be permitted to assume Board of Directors mandates and public functions or to conduct other business for their own or for othersʼ account with the approval of the Board of Directors. The approval of a mandate is within the free discretion of the Board of Directors, whereby the Board of Directors considers in particular, whether the assumption of further mandates by the respective member of the Group Executive Board is in the interest of the Kuoni Group or can provide a direct or indirect benefit to the Kuoni Group.

Management contracts 

Kuoni Travel Holding Ltd and its Group subsidiaries have not concluded any management contracts with any third parties.